Tonight brings the healing earthy Virgo Full Moon 🌕

Neptune opposing this Full Moon is an invitation to listen to our inner compass, while Mercury, the ruler of this Lunation is closely linked to Uranus, which grants us sudden insights into our recent situations, highlighting where we need to gently release certain "no longer necessary obligations".
Now is the time for closure , Healing and letting go.
It’s time for us to take a clear look at our circle and observe what’s helping or hindering us from achieving our goals. 
The music we listen to, the color of paint on the walls of our home, the people who surround us, even the fragrances we may wear.. all of these things can and do affect us.
We are sensory creatures . And tonight specially under this full Moon our senses are enhanced.
Here’s a cosmic reminder that our mental wellbeing matters 💜
Being selective about our environment and what populates it can offer us now a much needed emotional release/relief.
Let’s pay attention to the right things instead of getting lost in the smoke.

Detox your daily routine.
Vibrate Higher 🦋

Luna Nyiem ~ Lua ~ Light Out Of Shadows 🌗

Strategic Communication Advisor ~ Cosmic Alignment Mentor ~ Transformational Coach ⚕