Super New Moon 2023

⚡Ignite your Inner Flame 🔥

Intense downloads felt by sensitive & clairvoyant individuals 🔮
LightWorkers be alert today to capture synchronicities, intuitions, light bulb moments, signs & visions 🧿
It tooks me all day to be able to cope with the massive downloads rushing down my cells and while I was grounding my energy I felt an electric-like earthquake for some continuous few minutes 📈
Actually it felt surprisingly blissful 💫 even my dog remained calm 🪬
Right after that I took a short nap as I was overwhelmed with the heavy electric cosmic revelations & needed to find my centre to be able to write 💌
I woke up feeling like navigating in a time out of time , and while I was gathering my thoughts and checking with the physical world I saw the news about 2 earthquakes that just happened near my country 🇱🇧

Now let's talk about the Gate of Bliss we're walking into ⛩️

Tonight, January 21, We are being blessed by the First New Moon of 2023 & it's a Super Moon.
This Super New Moon is at its closest distance to Earth since the last 992 years! & the next time the New Moon is this close to Earth will be 345 years from now, making this the closest New Moon in 1337 years!

Meanwhile there’s a comet called "C/2022 E3 (ZTF)" crossing the northern sky near the star Edasich in the constellation of Draco 🐉
This comet may become dimly visible to the naked eye tonight in the dark moonless sky but only if you know the right spot to examine ☄️

Our blissful Super New Moon is taking place at the Gate of futurist Aquarius in the early degrees where ideas are waiting for the right timing so that they can be expressed into action 🥁
It's the Gate of Visions and its inspiration manifests as power bursts rather then sustained flows.. That's why I remind all gifted souls to remain alert now for the cosmic messages before they vanish ⏳

This Gate has been repeatedly activated in the past 3 years paving the Revolutionary Path of Change : { The True Path To Freedom }

The New Moon at 1° ♒ will re-trigger the Jupiter-Saturn Great Conjunction of December 21st, 2020 at 0° Aquarius ✅
We had a Full Moon at 1° Aquarius on July 24th, 2021 ✅
Also We had a Venus-Mars conjunction at the 0° degree of Aquarius back on March 6th, 2022 ✅

Obviously the Universe is urging us to make the necessary changes, to break free of mental limitations, let go of the outdated operating models & finally embrace the Aquarian approach to Life in general 🪷
Now this New Moon in Aquarius marks a critical cosmic turning point in the context of the profound societal developments of the past 3 years 🦋

Aquarius is the sign of universal values and also the ruler of our hopes, dreams & Future.
A forward-thinking sign that is all about planting seeds in the soil of tomorrow 🌱

In Greek mythology, Aquarius is Prometheus who stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to the people. The fire is a metaphor for the light of knowledge and awareness ❇
Same as Uranus the co-ruler of Aquarius is the symbol of lightning cracking the dark sky open, bringing sudden insight & clarity where there was darkness & confusion 🌩️
Saturn is the ancient, traditional ruler of The Water Bearer is Conjunct Venus in the final degrees of Aquarius while transformative Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn is Conjunct the Super New Moon strengthening its influential vibes even more than an Eclipse 🌑
This lunation is our first step out of stagnation following the beat of our own drum 🎶

New Moon periods are usually time windows where we may faithfully set our intentions for the coming month but this Plutonic Super New Moon is a perfect time Gate for setting our intentions for the whole coming year and even beyond, not just for the moment, but for many years to come ✨
All intentions that are aligned with the Revolutionary Aquarian context will manifest.
The highest manifestation of this Gate will be the sum of the sustained actions of each individual to make the world a better place 🕉
Bare in mind the real revolution can only take place inside ourselves ☯️
The Whole current Aquarian stellium (Sun, Moon, Saturn & Venus are currently in Aquarius)
is a cosmic invitation to beam our inner Light ❤‍🔥
It’s about time to break the mold. 
```*_Let there be Light_*```

~ Luna Nyeem



Luna Nyiem ~ Lua ~ Light Out Of Shadows 🌗

Strategic Communication Advisor ~ Cosmic Alignment Mentor ~ Transformational Coach ⚕