If you’ve been waiting for a sign..

This is it !

January 31/1th of February we gracefully welcome the New Moon at 12° Aquarius & the HUGE Energy Shift of the Ruling Zodiac from Metal Ox to Water Tiger 🌀 which means the start of the Lunar New Year in Chinese astrology 🐲

The element of water now begins drifting our focus to our intuition so we may from now on start making more heart-centered decisions 💟

The Tiger energies grants us the courage to align confidently with our heart and allow our mind to merge in with the flow of the Universe 🌊

Now is the perfect moment to set our deepest intentions with full trust that the Universe is on our side 🕊️

The Light has finally come ✨

This is a wonderful whole new beginning that promises a long awaited positive change ⚡

This positive change will see its beginnings in our way of looking at things as our perspective connects with the truth on a deeper level 🔮

This new captured vision allows us to find our anchor within , while navigating through these uncertain times ⚓

This powerful Lunation is the much needed inspiration to let some fresh energy wash into our lives 🌈

To do so we may as well need to create some space to receive the coming blessings by closing the door permanently on whatever is no longer worth our efforts 🍂

Venus making a close trine to Uranus and a semi-sextile to the Sun and Moon, is the cherry on top that gives us sudden Aha moments, sudden insights or more profound understanding towards our relations as reflection of ourselves 🪞

Surprising events may shake us in the most blissful of ways 💫

This situation will move incredibly quickly so Be ready ☕

``The light has come, the road has opened.. with a grateful bow to the laborious past, we shall move swiftly forward on the new way opened wide by Thee before us``🙏🏼



Luna Nyiem ~ Lua ~ Light Out Of Shadows 🌗

Strategic Communication Advisor ~ Cosmic Alignment Mentor ~ Transformational Coach ⚕